Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation

  • students walking up to receive their diplomas

    students after they received their diplomas

  • Design Thinking Academy students are required to complete the following in order to graduate:

    • Four English credits
    • Four Mathematics credits (one in senior year, must include IM3 or Algebra 2)
    • Three Science credits (must include Biology)
    • Three Social Studies credits (must include US History)
    • One Physical Education credit
    • One-half Health credit
    • Three Sequential Career Pathway credits (Media, Design, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, or Tech Ed; new addition: Architectural Engineering)
    • Two Sequential World Language credits
    • Three and one-half Elective credits
    • Twenty-four credits total (minimum)
    • 25 Community Service Hours for every year at DDLHS
    • Senior Capstone Project